Vending Machines Canada in Clean Harbor Camps

Vending Machines Vending Service Clean Harbor CampsYour Clean Harbors Camp vending provider needs to be on top of things. Vending equipment needs to be maintained, stocked and serviced to make sure that there is dependable distribution of quality products when the folks in Clean Harbors Camps need them. McMurray Coin is that kind of company, and we are ready to serve all your vending needs.

We have the best in quality energy efficient vending equipment for the needs of Clean Harbors Camp. Inside them, ready for your enjoyment, are a variety of premium products.

We have vending machines with Coca Cola products and vending machines with all your Pepsi Cola product favorites.  Other beverages include juices, milk, coffee, hot chocolate, sports drinks and energy drinks.
Foods available in Clean Harbors Camps include snack vending machines, hot or cold food vending machines, candy vending machines and even vending machines with ice cream selections.

We have vending machines with personal hygiene items and pharmaceuticals too. You can have your vending machines customized to distribute just about anything you might need!
None of this means much without our professional staff to take care of all your inventory and machine maintenance. Our staff is trained and ready to take care or you! Call us now at (780) 792-0953 or fill out the information on our website contact us page. We can’t wait to hear from you!